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The Cognitive Functions Test that the mistype.investigator squad has crafted is designed with attention to details and one simple, but indisputable rule: no bias. Forget about questions asking you to be imaginative™ to discern you from intuitives or sensors. Take your time and answer honestly to discover your true self!

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mistype.investigator is a quite recent blog focused on Myers-Briggs and Jungian typology, regularly providing original content. Our mission is to raise awareness about all kind of misconceptions that poison the community, biasing people into believing to have a type that doesn’t really fit in with the real theory behind these topics.

We enjoy sharing our content through simple (but detailed) comparisons involving cognitive functions and Q&As where anyone can debate about well-defined topics.

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The investigators

mistype.investigator’s mission is to promote the original typology theory developed by Jung and then extended by Myers-Briggs, in order to reduce misconceptions within the community. Meet the admins here.

ISTJ Portrait

ISTJ investigator

ISTJ 5w6 584

ISTJ investigator is the main theorist behind this blog. Originally mistyped as INTJ because of his passion for philosophy and psychology, has a big collection of old books and is the founder of mistype.investigator.

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INFJ Portrait

INFJ investigator

INFJ 4w5 415

INFJ investigator has two souls, being an engineer and a self-taught pianist. Lover of neoclassical music and dystopian literature, with an eye on History. Fond of MBTI, he’s this website’s architect and mistype.investigator's right hand.

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